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Control oversocks - Orange

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The Control Oversock from Pas Normal Studios has been designed to be worn directly over your cycling shoes to protect against the weather. The Control Oversocks protects against chilly winds and road spray. Their tough and form-fitting oversocks provide insulation while also keeping any unwanted dirt, mud, and gravel off your shoes.

The Control Oversock is densely knitted with premium fabric, to provide an increased level of insulation when temperatures begin to drop. The nylon properties of the oversock give strength and resistance. This mixed with the elastane threading, keeps the oversocks stretchy and tight to your shoes, even after regular use. The Oversocks features an extended leg to prevent dirt from entering through the cuff and helps increase the area of warmth. The fully dyed fabric has exceptional colour fastness, making the oversocks extremely durable and resistant to fading and running even after repeated uses and washes.

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