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Dynamic Dirt Destroy Bike Cleaner - Foam Spray - 400ml

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Dynamic Dirt Destroy Bike Cleaner - Foam Spray - 400ml

Want the cleanest bike ever?

Dynamic Dirt Destroy Spray is an innovative, cycling specific cleaning spray. The powerful foam spray can be used on all materials seen on bikes. It’s safe to use on carbon, aluminum, ceramic, metal, titanium, steel, rubber, chrome and many more. The foam cleans stripe-less, is easy to apply and ideal to clean spots that are normally hard to reach.

Spray Dirt Destroy Spray directly onto your frame and bike parts. Let it soak for 2-3 minutes and rinse with clean water. The dirt will simply fall of your bike, more stubborn dirt is easily removed with a soft bristle. Dirt Destroy Spray is excellent to use when you don’t have access to water on the go or to clean your e-bike. Simply wipe the foam off with a cloth after letting it do its work. 

Pro tip: you can also use Dirt Destroy Spray to freshen up soft materials and textiles such as gloves, helmet liner or overshoes!

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