Pas Normal Studios

Pas Normal Studios T.K.O. Knit Cycling Beanie - Burned Orange

350 kr

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The T.K.O. Knit Cycling Beanie from the T.K.O. collection from Pas Normal Studios is their approach to a timeless style. The T.K.O. Knit Cycling Beanie are a key addition to your riding kit when riding through the colder periods of the year. The Cycling Beanie is made from an Italian fabric, which is selected for its soft touch and the exceptional comfort it provides. The Cycling Beanie has a densely knitted construction which makes it highly elastic.

The knitted fibres are combined with an environmentally friendly dyeing process to create a distinct melange effect. This gives the Knit Cycling Beanie a varied mixture in their appearance and applications. The Pas Normal Studios T.K.O. Knit Cycling Beanie has an inherent softness from the fabric while still being breathable and having quick-drying properties.

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