Pas Normal Studios

Pas Normal Studios T.K.O. Knit Jersey Women's - Magenta

1.500 kr

Tax included.


The T.K.O. Knit Jersey is Pas Normal Studios approach to a contemporary timeless style. The T.K.O. Knit Jersey offers the multi-discipline cyclist an innovative jersey. The T.K.O Knit Jersey versatility to handle different conditions over extended periods and a desire for all-day comfort was the reasoning behind the birth of the Pas Normal Studios T.K.O Knit Jersey. The lighter density knit weave on the side panels and centre back panel allows for improved breathability in areas of elevated moisture production.

The knitted fibres are combined with an environmentally friendly dyeing process to create a distinct melange effect. This gives the Knit Jersey a varied mixture in its appearance and applications. The Pas Normal Studios T.K.O. Knit Jersey has an inherent softness from the fabric while still being breathable and having quick-drying properties.

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