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Pas Normal Studios Control Winter Jacket Women's - Black

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The Pas Normal Studios Control Winter Jacket ensures you that you can keep cycling through the winter and get the ultimate reward for your commitment. The Control Winter Jacket is an innovative 3 layer softshell Winter Jacket, designed to keep you warm and dry during the Winter. The Winter Jacket is Designed, developed and thoroughly tested in the ever-changing conditions of Scandinavia.

The Winter Jacket is made from Polartec® Power Shield® Pro fabric which is a dense multicomponent knit fabric that offers an outstanding balance between warmth and breathability. The Polartec® fabric is highly breathable due to its advanced membrane beneath the durable weather-repelling exterior. This makes the Winter Jacket excellent at repelling water, while still being breathable during any activity. The soft and pliable construction of Polartec® Power Shield® Pro allows the Control Winter Jacket to easily drape and fit onto any underlying form without restricting movement or flexibility.

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