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Pas Normal Studios Womens Mechanism Bibs - Terrain

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The Pas Normal Studios Bib shorts are designed for the countless hours to spend in the saddle. The Mechanism Bibs helps you ride from the early, misty mornings to the sunbathed evenings of summer and autumn. The Mechanism Bibs is constructed from a compressive textile with high elasticity. The Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Bibs is made with aesthetics and technical features including fully dyed fabrics, the proprietary design and detailed textile definitions across all panels. The flexible straps, distinctive flat elastic grippers and the four-layer ultralight foam chamois pad make the mechanism bibs short, Pas Normal Studios most technical bib short yet, and helps you ride for hours without any discomfort.

The low profile straps are resilient to elastic degradation and allow them to hold their shape even after countless uses and washes. All elastic grippers feature Pas Normals Studios silicone gripping pattern to keep the bibs in the optimal position and improve the aerodynamic silhouette.

The Mechanism bib is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Pas Normal Studios mechanism jerseys, creating a new take on design and technical performance.

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