Nimbl Cycling Shoes

Experience Precision & Performance: Nimbl Cycling Shoes

Nimbl elevates your ride with handcrafted cycling shoes designed for performance and comfort. Whether you're a cycling enthusiast or a world-champion athlete, Nimbl offers shoes that seamlessly blend Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.


Nimbl Ultimate Pro Edition
New Arrival

Nimbl Ultimate Pro Edition

Pro Edition

3.800,00 DKK

Nimbl Ultimate White Silver
New Arrival

Nimbl Ultimate White Silver

White Silver

3.800,00 DKK


Unmatched Performance: Nimbl Cycling Shoes

Nimbl cycling shoes are a game-changer. Over 100 World Tour Pros trust Nimbl for a reason: they defy the limitations of traditional cycling shoes.

Designing cycling shoes typically involves compromises between stiffness for power transfer, long-lasting durability, and keeping the weight minimal. Nimbl breaks through these barriers, achieving the holy grail of cycling footwear:

  • Unmatched Efficiency: Nimbl shoes deliver the best possible power transfer and pedaling efficiency, thanks to their exceptional stiffness.
  • Lightweight Champion: They are incredibly lightweight, reducing weight on your feet for tireless rides.
  • Built to Last: Durability is a core feature, ensuring your Nimbl shoes conquer countless miles.
  • Comfort is King: Nimbl prioritizes exceptional comfort and fit, keeping your feet happy on every ride.



Uncompromising Performance:

Lightweight & Stiff: Experience exceptional power transfer with Nimbl's shoes, crafted from high-quality materials like carbon fiber for minimal weight and optimal stiffness.

Superior Comfort:
Explore features like a comfortable, anatomical fit and breathable materials to ensure lasting comfort on long rides.

Exceptional Power Transfer:
Explore the Ultimate shoe with its incredibly stiff carbon sole for maximum power transfer during every pedal stroke.

Handcrafted for Every Rider:

Italian Made:
Each Nimbl shoe is meticulously handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Advanced Closure Systems:
Choose from options like the Dual Boa Fit System LI2 for micro-adjustments and a secure, comfortable fit.

Ride in Style:

Nimbl doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Their shoes come in a range of sleek and understated colors to complement your kit and express your individuality.

Find Your Perfect Fit:

With a wide range of sizes available, you're guaranteed to find a pair of Nimbl shoes that offer a supportive, comfortable fit for optimal performance.