We started Cranks & Coffee in March 2017 because we thought Copenhagen needed a place dedicated to cyclists and the culture of cycling. We love cycling because we all grew up with it in one way or the other - Emil as a bike mechanic for the Danish National cross- and mountainbike team, Simon as a life-long cycling enthusiast and Joakim as an elite rider with a pro-contract that he cancelled to start Cranks & Coffee.

We exist to nurture the cycling culture that we love, and we do our very best to enable it to thrive. We are a place where passionate people meet and exchange stories from the roads and trails that surround us over a cup of coffee. We strive to offer the best products and give you the best service and advice, so you can have a superior experience on the road.

Everyone is welcome in Cranks - no matter if you are a cyclist or not - professional or amateur. We take our time with each and every one of you, because we believe that good and personal service takes time.


Joakim, Emil & Simon