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Enhance your networking or cycling events with our Top-of-the-Line Cafe and Room.

Two areas just for your networking event. Learn more

We have 3 offerings for your networking event. Learn more

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The Room

Host an unforgettable and productive networking event in our unique and versatile cafe!

Main area:
Spacious and adaptable: The main area comfortably accommodates up to 40 guests for dynamic events like conferences, speaker panels, or presentations. We'll work with you to build a stage layout that perfectly suits your needs, ensuring optimal engagement and interaction.
Breakout/Networking Room:

Relaxed and inviting:
After the main event, let the conversation flow naturally in our cozy and comfortable breakout room. Two large tables, each seating 10-12 attendees, provide the perfect setting for casual networking, refreshments, and post-event discussions.

Why Choose Us:

  • Flexibility: We prioritize your vision and tailor the space to your specific event requirements.
  • Convenience: Enjoy a well-equipped space with everything you need for a successful event.
  • Professional atmosphere: Impress your guests with our modern and stylish setting.
  • Refreshments: We provide coffee from La Cabra and baked cakes and buns with butter and cheese, after your wish.
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Second Area

Second Area

Main Area tables

Main Area tables

Main Area tables


Looking for a dynamic space to host your next networking event?

We have 3 offerings for your networking event.

1. Networking Gatherings in Cranks:

Host impactful events in our unique and adaptable room. Perfect for conferences, workshops, product launches, or casual meet-ups, the space caters to up to 50 guests.
Enjoy a dedicated breakout/networking room: After the main event, foster relaxed conversation and build connections over refreshments at our comfortable tables.
We prioritize flexibility: Tailor the space and setup to your exact vision, ensuring a successful and memorable event.

These events will take place outside of our opening hours.

2. Network & Cycle Events:

Combine the thrill of cycling with the power of networking! Explore scenic routes with fellow cyclists while forging valuable connections.
Enjoy guided rides: We cater to cyclists of all levels, offering guided tours and routes that match your preferences.
Post-ride social: Refuel and connect with fellow cyclists after enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

These events can take place during or outside opening hours.

3. Cycling Events:

Challenge yourself and explore the area with our organized cycling events. Choose from various distances and difficulty levels to suit your experience.
Enjoy scenic routes and expert support: We provide guided tours, route maps, and support throughout the event.
These events will take place during regular opening hours.

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Experience social networking rides with experienced ride leaders

Enjoy social cycling gatherings with post ride networking

Networking events with speakers or just social networking events

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