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Start and end your next ride from Cranks

Cycling and networking from Cranks

Socialise and network on your next company ride with Cranks

Hosting a cycling event can be difficult. We at Cranks have experience arranging these rides.

When using Cranks as your partner for your next cycling event, you as a host will have more time for networking while riding. Our rideleaders will take the responsibility for creating a route, together with you, guide the group around and make sure that everyone has a good time. Leaving you with plenty of time to network.

The rideleader will also be able to answer the groups questions about training, fueling and take care of any mechanical issues there might be. We are passionate about cycling, training, the community and every thing in between, and are more than happy to share our experiences and insights.

After the ride

After the ride there will be the opportunity to sit down and continue the networking and talks in our Cafe, where you will be able to get drinks, snacks or even food if needed for the event.

If the events needs a talk, whether thats about training, fuelling or even mechanical questions, Cranks are able to host this as well as part of the event.

We know the energy and vitality that follows a good ride on the bike. We would like to share that with you and provide you woth the opportunity to feel how a ride ignites conversations, creates good energy within your network and sets the stage for a unique experience for your company.

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We are excited to hear from you and would be honored to organize your upcoming event for you and your company.