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Cranks Cycling Club Membership

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Cranks Cycling Club Membership

Cranks Cycling Club Membership

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Not Just another club

Cranks Cycling Club is not just another cycling club. 

We want to pioneer what it means to be a member of a cycling club, giving our members a unique chance to become members of more than just a club but also a Cycling Community for like-minded cyclists. 


Cranks and Coffee Cycling Club want to bring cyclists together across different fitness levels. We have three main goals in Cranks Cycling Club: 


  1. We want to enable the most committed cyclist to become even better with our structured training programs and then beat their own personal best at Grand Fondo’s
  2. Turning cyclists into even better cyclists by having structured training and training programs for all fitness levels and structure for the amount of time you ride weekly. With our training, we aim to give you all the basics for becoming a better rider so you can take these skills with you to finish your first Grand Fondo or beat your own personal bests
  3. Creating a community where cyclists can hang out and talk about bikes and gears, become better cyclists while having fun. Cranks and Coffee Cycling Club is not only a club but also a community! 

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What you get as member


A team must have the same kit. That is why our club members get access to purchasing an exclusively team-branded PNS team kit approved to race DCU license races.


Besides our usual Thursday Training, club members also get access to two quality trainings with a certified coach. Expect intervals and good times on the road.


Cranks staff will join our members at select races in Denmark and support them before, during and after the race. Join race recons, get feed zone- and mechanical support and get tips and tricks from experienced riders.

Quality training programs

We have teamed up with Claes Cubel to make sure that we provide the best training program for our members. Claes has a degree as a physiotherapist from 2019 and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Sports and Human Physiology at the University of Copenhagen with a focus on optimizing the performance of cyclists. Claes has a background as a bike fitter, physiotherapist and personal trainer from Velofit and has assisted as a trainer and physiotherapist for the Danish National Cyclocross Team. Claes has not only the theory in place but also the actual practice of racing through 10 years of active license racing.