Dynamic Dr. Dry Waterproofing Spray 300ml

220 kr

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Dynamic Dr. Dry Waterproofing Spray 300ml
Dr. Dry Waterproofing Spray from Dynamic is a highly effective water-based waterproofing agent for textiles of all kinds.

Waterproofing with Dr. Dry from Dynamic - stay dry and still breathable

Most coatings of this type form a layer on the textile that keeps out rain but traps moisture and heat. Ultimately, for you as a cyclist, it feels like you're wearing a garbage bag. And as soon as you move harder, stretching the fabric, the layer tears and you still get wet. Dr. Dry's innovative formula, on the other hand, wraps each individual fiber, maintaining water-repellent properties as the fabric is stretched. Because air can still move between the fibers, the breathability of your gear is fully maintained - from socks, jackets and pants to bike bags, tents and convertible tops. Now the cool and humid seasons can come!

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