Lizard Skins

Lizard Skins DSP Handlebar Tape

300 kr

Tax included.


The DSP Handlebar Tape from Lizard Skins has superior grip, tough materials and a comfortable texture. With the latest version, DSP V.2, Lizard Skins has once again developed and improved the materials and given the DSP Handlebar Tape a more technical grip, while also improving the design for the end cap included in the box. The Handlebar Tape comes in three different thicknesses and will fit whatever need you throw at it. The Handlebar Tape is perfect for Racing, Gravel riding, Cross or for the long rides, and with its superior grip it stands out even in the worst conditions.

The DSP Handlebar Tape comes with included bar plugs and finishing tape and are easy to mount due to its self-adhesive clue on the back.

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