Pas Normal Studios

Pas Normal Studios Control Mid Base Layer SL - Black

525 kr

Tax included.


The Pas Normal Studios Control Mid Base Layer gives you the ability to effectively layer up while riding through the colder season. The Control Mid Base Layer is the alternative to the Heavy Base Layer and offers you all the benefits from the Polartec® Power Wool™. The Control Short Sleeve Mid Base Layer is the perfect choice for the less cold winter days.  

The Control Mid Base Layer is constructed with the innovative Polartec® Power Wool™ fabric, with a Merion will interior and a synthetic fibre exterior, creating a hybrid base layer with a distinct surface. The Surface of the Base Layer is developed to optimise moisture control, breathability, and durability. With its ultrafine Merino wool, Pas Normal Studios has created a Base Layer that is naturally odour resistant with a high-efficiency grid backer which traps warm air and aids in moisture transfer for quicker drying efficiencies. 

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