SHIMANO ULTEGRA Front Derailleur (Di2 spec.) FD-R8050

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  • ・Quick and smooth front shifting under high pedaling torque
  •  »Programmed chainguide control
  •   -Full and semi synchronized shifting program
  • ・Redesigned to fit a wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance
  •  »Shorter rear-center length (410 mm) with 135 mm O.L.D.
  •  »System communication with rear derailleur, combined with programmed chainguide control means minimal chance of chain drop

Product Description

The SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8050 DI2 front derailleur delivers quick and smooth front shifting even under high pedaling torque. It has programmed chain guide trim settings and can be used in full or semi SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT modes. 

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