Vittoria Corsa N.EXT TLR Black

700 kr

Tax included.


The Corsa N.EXT is the latest development in Vittoria's Corsa family. Of course, its roots are in racing, but the focus during development was on increasing the longevity of the popular performance tire in everyday use. The innovative rubber compound made of Graphene 2.0 in combination with silica offers the optimum in speed and durability. In order to increase puncture protection, the middle part of the carcass has been equipped with 3 nylon layers and an additional puncture protection belt. Another new feature is the QR code printed on the hot patch, which allows you to conveniently call up the tire's technical information on the go at any time.

This unique rubber compound combines the Graphene compound with silica and provides improved rolling performance, grip in dry conditions and significantly longer mileage. In addition, this rubber compound offers the ultimate grip on damp and wet roads.

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