Women's group ride: Open road group ride - How to conquer the open road - 60km

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Women's group ride: Open road group ride - How to conquer the open road - 60km

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Date: 17/07/2024 & 31/07/2024

Crank Up Your Confidence: Women's Group ride on open roads 

As part of the event series Women’s Group Ride we are leading the first guided group ride out on the open roads. It's now time to put what you have learned from the first event where you learned how to fuel and ride to the guided group ride to Værløse flyvestation. 

This event focuses on how you can navigate and be safe as a group when riding on the roads. This ride will give you the experience to join the longer ride later in the year and feel safe when joining the regular Thursday training.

We encourage you to have joined at least one of the prior events to this one so you know what to expect as we go for the first ride on open roads. 

The Details:

  • Start & Finish: Cranks 
  • Meetup: 17:30
  • Distance: 60 km

What to expect:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Put your group riding techniques learned at Værløse Flyvestation and previous events into action.

  • Road Ready: Gain valuable experience navigating the open road as a cohesive unit.

  • Real-World Scenarios: Learn how to handle various situations that may arise during a group ride.

  • Supportive Environment: Enjoy the support of fellow female cyclists.

What you'll learn:

  • Group Maneuvers: How to navigate the roads with confidence.

  • Group Communication: Understand hand signals and essential communication practices for safe and enjoyable group rides and put these into practice 

  • Group Techniques: Learn how to be at the front of the group and guiding the group safely on the road. 

Start & Finish: Cranks (Distance: Approx. 60km)

The two rides will be similar in what you learn but we encourage you to participate in at least one of them before participating in the long ride. If you are new to the sport we encourage you to participate in both to learn even more than what you can do in just one ride.  In case you wish to participate in both we will give you a 25% discount on the total ride price. 

Variant How to conquer the open rode - 60 Km ride
Date 17/07/2024

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